Sit back and relax while you listen to Seriously Red I undid Orion's Belt Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence Album

“Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence” and “I Undid Orion’s Belt”, are now followed by her most recent production “Seriously Red” which enticingly bounces along on tracks such as the Latin flavoured ‘Tell Me Why’; the classic ballad ‘Passing Chance’ whose sumptuous arrangements and caressing vocal will give you goose bumps; the quasi mini rock opera ‘Requiem for Betrayal in Love’ which is jam packed with surprises on every front, and the catchy, yet multi-layered ‘Time Is a Healer’.

is the result of a collaboration with composer and producer Kirill Shirokov – Kirill was an arranger and orchestrator for Michaela’s “I Undid Orion’s Belt” album and brought with him twenty years of extensive experience in classical composition and orchestration. After the success of “I Undid Orion’s Belt” Kirill invited Michaela to sing and compose lyrics for his music, and so they set about recording “Seriously Red”.

also teamed up with veteran producer and composer Rolf Soja for a couple of tracks on the album. Although Rolf has been prominent in the business for forty years producing all kinds of music, perhaps his most famous recording was ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’. Michaela and Kirill even give a nod to his disco era on the last track of “Seriously Red” ‘I Will Rely On Me’.

Seriously Red Album


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I undid Orion's Belt Album


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Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence Album

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Ye Banks and Braes (feat. Bethany Bisaillion)

Performed by Michaela Foster Marsh © 2012 

Music Reviews

“Michaela possesses a refreshing level of originality both in her song writing and in her performance.” – Brian Robertson, president of the Canadian Recording Industry Association

“A Great Canadian Recording, One of the most distinguished recordings in Canada” – Tom Henighan Author of The Maclean’s Guide To Art’s and Culture In Canada

“Her gorgeous, impeccable voice-coupled with original touches makes comparisons moot. Straight forward contemporary pop, with an uplifting earnest that makes fools of those who pose distraught.” – Chart Magazine

“Her Beautiful, ethereal voice fit in well and she demonstrated why she has built up such a buzz among the crowded clique of singer/songwriters.” – Joshua Ostroff, The Ottawa Sun

“Beautiful songs composed by her, beautifully sung. Don’t miss an opportunity to see and hear Michaela, this extraordinary Canadian musician. You will want to hear her again and again as I did.” – The Right Honourable, Mitchell Sharp

“…performing her passionate songs with a string quartet from the Ottawa symphony orchestra. In a word WOW.” – Lyn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

“Fairy Tales and the Death of Innocence is a gentle pop masterpiece of lush, layered ballads and poignant lyrics.” – Alan Wigney, Ottawa Xpress

“Lush textured style pop. Inventive touches and the singer’s theatrical presence give the production a distinctive edge.” – The Record

“One of the most memorable evenings in the hallowed hall of Barrymore’s last year featured Michaela Foster Marsh and her String Quartet.” – Ottawa Xpress

Michaela’s music is in a class of its own. Her music, astounding lyrics and voice have got right under our skin and we love the CD here! We hope the festival will help to give Michaela the platform she so rightly deserves. Her music is as perfect for film as it is for life” – Rosana Golden, Festival director/Angel Awards The Monaco International Film Festival

‘What can I say; Michaela’s performance at The Cannes Film Festival sent a shiver up my spine!’ – Joe Scott, Ace films

“The beautiful, soulful voice of Michaela Foster Marsh is truly something unique and a joy to hear. Michaela’s originality, and her powerful vocal talents, makes her a singer to watch for the future. I had the good fortune of hearing Michaela sing live on a couple of occasions, and her ethereal presence captivated the audience.” – Helen Grace, BAFTA award winning film producer / director

“When Michaela started to sing dramatically from the balcony her captivating voice held the reception guests spellbound at the Cannes Film Festival” – Trish Shorthouse, Film Commissioner, Highlands and Islands film Commission Scotland

‘Michaela’s performance at the Angel Awards in Monaco was excellent!! I listened to everyone around me, everyone in the theatre loved her stunning voice and remarkable energy and movements… she captured everyone’s attention. Michaela has proved to be a serious ambassador for the Angel Awards and we are delighted to have her join us again in Cannes. – Rosana Golden Festival Director Monaco International Film Festival Angel Awards

Michaela Foster Marsh has a generosity of spirit that shines through her work. She connects the experiences of the great cultural heroines to the lives we lead, to the losses we suffer, our fear, our needs, our pleasures, and our happiness’s. Following the thread of her music, our lives are placed in an expanded context that takes us out of isolation and places us into the great stories. – Honora Foah, Co-President Mythic Imagination Institute, Atlanta Georgia

Michaela’s passion and for life comes through in all her songs and for that reason we chose her for the title song of our film “Birthday”. She�s also a wonderful person and the world would be much better off if more of us shared her sensitivities. – James P. Mimikos, Producer, Argovela Films

‘Michaela’s music is not the usual kind that you hear any where, wither on film or on CD, it is a music that talks directly to ones soul, takes him to other worlds and brings him back full of aspirations and joy.’ – Marwan Akkawi, writer/director, Argovela Films