Upcoming Documentary

Michaela has been working alongside Bafta Award-winning director Alex Mccall on a documentary based on her book Starchild. Filming started on April 22
"Michaela's story is a real-life rollercoaster ride which takes the reader through heartwarming loves and tragic losses, amazing discoveries, creative ability, fascinating locations, genuine compassion, sheer hard graft and great ambition. Put this against a backdrop of spirituality, and I think you have the makings of a great documentary. Not to mention two private performance requests from Her Majesty the Queen. Starchild is as unique as the life of the person who wrote it." BAFTA award-winning director Alex McCall.

Michaela on Tour

Podcasts & Media Interviews

Michaela’s interviews from her international Podcast tour from home in Glasgow, Scotland. The wonders of technology.

Podcast 9th July 2020 Building a Future in Uganda
Podcast 26th May 2020 Finding a Family and Having a Connection



Michaela Singing

for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle

Michaela's music will richly reward the listener. And no one who goes to see Foster Marsh in concert could ever be disappointed.


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